Al-Aqsa March Group

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✔ Hotel with Breakfast, Jeruselum
✔ Guided Walking Tour of Al-Aqsa Compound
✔ Guided Bus Tour of 20+ Historical Sites
✔ Full Transport (Tel Aviv Airport – Jerusalem Hotel – Tel Aviv Airport)



Let us take you on a journey of the beautiful history behind Masjid Al Aqsa down the path from the very beginning until its present-day, sharing with you the facts and stories in which makes Masjid Al Aqsa the unique and stunning place it is today.

Al-Aqsa Itinerary

Day 1:

Depart from Luton to Tel-Aviv Airport

Transfer from Tel-Aviv to Hotel

Check into hotel

Day 2:

Breakfast at the hotel

Walking tour of Al-Aqsa compound and Old City

Day 3:

Breakfast at Hotel

Guided tour to numerous Islamic sites such as Hebron (Khalil), Maqam Nabi Musa, Mount of Olives, Mount of Takbeer, Dead Sea, etc.

Note: All guided tour destinations are dependent upon accessibility conditions.

Day 4:

Friday Post-Fajr Gathering in Masjid Qibly

Breakfast at Hotel

Jummah Salah

Any remaining Islamic/Historic sites in and around Old City

Day 5:

Breakfast at Hotel

Essentially a free day to shop, explore, try out some more local cuisine, or just soak in the blessings of Al-Aqsa!

Day 6:

Breakfast at Hotel

Transfer from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv approximately 4 hours before the flight.

Depart from Tel-Aviv to Luton Airport.

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