Dawood Masood


DAWOOD MASOOD is a media commentator, blogger, teacher of Islamic Studies, inter-faith advisor, humanitarian and community activist. He is the founder of the multi award-winning NGO and UK registered charity ‘Quba Trust’ and has been serving at Al-Hira Cultural and Educational Centre, Luton since 2011 as the Head of Educational and Youth Services. He is regularly invited as a public speaker for conferences and seminars nationally and internationally.

In addition, he is recognised for his media commentating on social, religious and communal issues. Frequently interviewed by local, national and international media, he provides a moderate voice for Muslims in the UK and has appeared on documentaries such as “We Want Our Country Back” amongst others. He has hosted and presented a series of programmes for Islam Channel and British Muslim TV such as iGeneration and Living The Life amongst others.

Dawood often writes about his thoughts, life experiences and lessons from various journeys he has undergone. Dawood has previously travelled to Bosnia to visit: the mothers who lost their family members in Srebrenica genocide; France to visit those who lost their family and friends in Paris and Normandy attacks; Saudi Arabia to learn about the sacred cities of Makkah and Medina and the Muslim pilgrimage therein and Pakistan to provide assistance to those in dire need amongst other countries.

He initiated his professional career as a teacher of Islamic Studies at Al Hira Cultural and Educational Centre in Luton. He has keen interest in developing and educating the minds and character of young Muslims in the UK, who will become model British citizens and beacons of light in the wider community. He believes this is ascertained by promoting British and cohesive Islamic values to harbour good community relations such as respect, tolerance, justice and working towards the elimination of bigotry.

He continues to work strenuously with both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities across different faiths and cultures. Through his initiative at Al Hira Centre the organisation has received many awards for its outreach work and for planning initiatives that actively engage with youth, women and different community groups.

He is very active engaging with interfaith work and has been performing an advisory role on relevant and pertinent issues for a number of prominent ‘think-tanks’ in the UK as well as: The Home Office, Local Councils, Charities and The Police force. Dawood advises local and national statutory bodies and law enforcement agencies in respect of Islamic and cultural issues. He is a member of the British Muslim Scholars and provides guidance to mosques and Imams (community faith leaders) in England.

Having a great desire to reallocate and redistribute wealth in order to help the less fortunate led him to establish ‘Quba Trust’; a charity run in it’s entirety by volunteers with no paid members in the United Kingdom, which promotes community cohesion; counters extremism, tackles poverty and encourages charitable giving. Despite his success in all these areas of service to humanity, his main aim and focus remains educating the Muslim youth.

In recognition of his work he was invited by HM to the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in 2016. In the same year he won the Young Person of the Year Award for his contribution in bringing together and uniting different faith communities. Dawood has won many awards over the years such as: Luton’s Best Award in the Young Achiever (2014 and 2015) and Child of Courage (2014) category; Community Awards (2014), Community Cohesion Awards by Beds Police (2016), Humanitarian Award by Muslim Charity (2015) amongst others.

Dawood was educated at Jamia al-Karam Secondary School, an Islamic independent boarding school for boys in Retford, Nottinghamshire. He then went on to study BSc Accounting and Finance at University of Bedfordshire, graduating in 2017.

He was born in 1995 in Pakistan. He comes from a well-respected and learned family. His father, Shaykh Professor Masood Akhtar Hazarvi, has been serving Islam for the last two decades in Luton and is the Imam and Active Principle of Al Hira Cultural and Educational Centre, Luton.

Born in Pakistan, Dawood currently resides in Luton with his family.