Quba Tours offer breath-taking sightseeing tours. Below you can see some of destinations that you may visit during ziyarat in Madina.

This facility can be added along with transportation that you book with us.



  • Jannat ul Baqi

This cemetary is located near Masjid e Nabawi. Sahabahs and relatives of Prophet SAW are buried.

Please note you might not be able to see Jannat ul Baqi due to specific opening hours and days.

  • Quba Masjid

Mosque Quba is of immense importance for various reasons. The Prophet SAW spent 14 days in this mosque during the Hijra. He also used to go there every Saturday to offer two rakat nafil. And guided the Ummah to do the same as it gives sawab of performing an Umrah.

  • Qiblatain Masjid

This is the msoque where the direction of Qibla was changed for Muslims from Masjid e Aqsa, Jerusalem to Masjid Al Haram, Makkah.

  • Seven Mosques- SABAH Masajid

Founded on the western edge of Sela mountain, this mosque marks the victory of Muslims against the Quresh in Battle of Khandaq where the Muslims dug trench to defend Madina.

  • Ground of Uhud and Syedna Ameer Hamza R.A

Battle of Uhud was fought in this ground and the mount of Uhud right beside it. The mount is considered mountain of Paradise. This is where the beloved uncle of the Prophet SAW, Syedna Amir Hamza is also buried. Who embraced martyrdom in this battle.

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