Quba Tours at all the times tries to ensure that you have safe and secure trip to Makkah and Madinah therefore we have provided you with emergency services numbers that you may wish to take with you.


In case of emergency, just call 999 any time and ask for the emergency service you need. You will be served immediately.

Useful Emergency Numbers:

  • Traffic Accidents 993
  • Ambulance 997
  • Civil Defense 998
  • Directory Assistance 905
  • Telephone Repair Help 904
  • International Calls 900

Major Hospitals names and contact numbers, which you can contact in case of emergency:

Makkah Hospital Contact Numbers:

Ajyad Hospital 012-573-0070
King Abdul Aziz Hospital 012-544-2400
King Faisal Hospital 012-556-6411
Al-Noor Hospital 012-566-7777
Dr. Bakhsh Hospital 012-522-2222


Madinah Hospital Contact Numbers:

Al Mouwasat Hospital                      012-542-2211
King Fahad  Hospiatal                              014-846-1500
Saudi German Hospital                            014-840-6000


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