Zamzam Water Allowance

Free Baggage Allowance &

Baggage Fees for Flights Within Saudi Arabia

If any piece of luggage weighs more than 25 kg the passenger will be requested to redistribute the contents of the luggage in order for the total weight to fall within the limits. If the number of pieces of luggage exceeds the weight limit, the passenger will be requested to pay a fee of SAR100 for each piece over the limit. Similarly, if the number of pieces is over the limit but their total weight is within the limits, a SAR100 fee will be applied to each piece.

Hand Luggage

Saudi Arabian Airlines allows each passenger to carry a certain amount of hand luggage according to the class of travel, and are under the custody and responsibility of the passenger. All Hand luggage may be placed in the upper shelves within the aircraft. First and Business Classes


British Airways Baggage System:

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