Baggage allowance & optional fees

Zamzam Water Allowance

  • Kindly be advised that Saudia accepts a complimentary one gallon package of Zamzam water from Sogia factory that doesn’t exceed 5 litres for all passengers departing from King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, and Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Airport in Madinah only as a checked in baggage.
  • On the other hand, please be informed that the rest of passengers who will travel from other domestic airports to domestic or international airports are allowed to carry one gallon package of Zamzam water as a part of their free allowed checked-in baggage and any excess weight will be charged and collected from the normal excess baggage rates.

Free Baggage Allowance &

Baggage Fees for Flights Within Saudi Arabia

  • Guest Class passengers are entitled to carry one piece of luggage weighing 25 kg maximum.
  • First Class & Business Class passengers are entitled to carry two pieces of luggage, each weighing 25 kg maximum.
  • All SAUDIA ALFURSAN (Gold/Silver) members and SkyTeam (Elite Plus / Elite) members are allowed to carry one extra piece not exceeding 25 kg.

If any piece of luggage weighs more than 25 kg the passenger will be requested to redistribute the contents of the luggage in order for the total weight to fall within the limits. If the number of pieces of luggage exceeds the weight limit, the passenger will be requested to pay a fee of SAR100 for each piece over the limit. Similarly, if the number of pieces is over the limit but their total weight is within the limits, a SAR100 fee will be applied to each piece.

Hand Luggage

Saudi Arabian Airlines allows each passenger to carry a certain amount of hand luggage according to the class of travel, and are under the custody and responsibility of the passenger. All Hand luggage may be placed in the upper shelves within the aircraft. First and Business Classes

  • A bag or hand-bag allowance (the size of the piece not to exceed 115 cm)
  • A documents briefcase (the size of the piece not to exceed 100 cm)
  • The total weight of luggage not to exceed 9 kg. Economy Class
  • Hand bag (the size of the piece not to exceed 115 cm)
  • The total weight of the luggage not to exceed 7 kg. It is also admissible to carry some personal belongings that are not calculated in the hand luggage weight limit (coat or cover / sunglass or sticks for walking / amplifier dual lens / small camera / women hand bag or purse for normal use only / book to read during the flight / food for children to be used during the flight / child cradle)
  • Allow to carry only one piece of hand luggage.
  • Allow to carry within the hand luggage some materials such as (food and milk for children / medicines / computer (laptop) / mobile phone and some necessary electrical materials / money and passenger’s passports and travel documents.
  • It is a must to use a transparent plastic bag to put food and milk for children / medicines (the total volume of all packages placed in the plastic bag is not to exceed one liter), to be examined by the security services.
  • The traveler may have to provide proof for the fact of these drugs.


  • Passengers who use wheelchairs or crutches may carry them on the flight.
  • Wheelchairs and crutches must be placed in the aircraft storage room and are to be delivered before boarding the plane. Packing Tips In order to deliver a great service, Saudi Arabian Airline urges all its passengers to take a note of the following; please ensure:
  • Labeling the baggage (Name and address) inside and out.
  • Keeping valuable items and important documents in their hand baggage on board the aircraft.
  • The baggage is securely locked and/or packed properly.
  • All baggage tags received match the same number of pieces checked in and have the correct destination.Receiving the correct baggage upon arrival by matching the tag number.Keeping the jacket ticket and the baggage tags until you receive all belongings.

British Airways Baggage System:

  • You can carry just two bags of 23 kg, in which zamzam included.