We facilitate for people from all walks of life and therefore when our packages are tailored, we take into consideration the needs of individuals and families.

    10 FEBRUARY – 21 FEBRUARY Umrah

    Making an affordable Umrah package was our main aim. In order to ensure you don’t miss out, contact us immediately!

    19 JANUARY – 24 JANUARY Al Aqsa

    Our focus is to secure the closest hotels possible. This can make a huge difference in terms of the overall experience..





    September 29, 2020 By admin

    After seven difficult months of closure due to pandemic, Saudi Arabia announces the lift of ban on the Umrah pilgrimage!…

    Baggage allowance & optional fees

    October 9, 2017 By admin

    Zamzam Water Allowance Kindly be advised that Saudia accepts a complimentary one gallon package of Zamzam water from Sogia factory…

    Safety and Security

    October 9, 2017 By admin

    Pilgrimage Each year around 3.7 million pilgrims participate in the Hajj. Since 2013 the Ministry of Hajj has been imposing…

    Emergency Services

    October 9, 2017 By admin

    Quba Tours at all the times tries to ensure that you have safe and secure trip to Makkah and Madinah…


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    "Those who perform Umrah or Hajj are like the deputies of Allah. If they call Him, He answers them and if they seek His forgiveness, He forgives them." Ibn Majah

    Exclusive & Affordable Umrah Deals Offered by Quba Tours and Travel

    To the Muslim community residing in the United Kingdom, Quba Tours and Travel offers bespoke but affordable Umrah services in the form of tailor made packages. We are continuously putting together deals for individuals as well as for group travel. The thought process behind Quba Tours is to help our customers make a pilgrimage trip hassle free so they can spend more time in Ibadah and leave the arrangements to us in the KSA. Many years of experience in the travel industry , we have become a leading Umrah operator in the UK. We arrange Umrah Visas. Flights at economical rates , all star hotels and ground transportation in Saudi Arabia along with Ziyaraats. We cater for all pilgrims and operate nationwide in the UK..

    All-inclusive Travel Services for UK Muslims

    To make your journey for pilgrimage easy in all the possible ways, Quba Tours puts together umrah packages bespoke to your requirements ,  direct and indirect flights from London and Manchester to Jeddah and then connecting to Medina, accommodation in luxurious 5 Star hotels in Makkah and Madinah and all types of cars fully air-conditioned.  You will be required to be immunised with meningitis , please make sure to have that arranged with your GP or local pharmacy.

    The Best Time for UK Muslim Community to Perform Umrah

    Umrah isn’t obligatory worship and has no specific time to perform it , which means that you can perform Umrah throughout the year. Umrah season from the UK is from after Eid Adhaa
    through to Ramadhan.The best times to perform Umrah from the UK are the school holidays in February, Easter, December and of course Ramadhan.

    The Worth of Carrying out Umrah in the Blessed Month Ramadan

    The month of Ramadan is seen as one of the sacred months and known as a month of blessing and compassion. When this month starts, the doors of Hell are closed. To make the most of your ibaadah Quba Tours and Travel arranges different Ramadan Umrah Packages for its customers gain the all-out rewards to perform Umrah. Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 3.86 Narrated by Ibn Abbas When the Prophet returned after performing his Hajj, he asked Um Sinan Al-Ansari, “What did forbid you to perform Hajj?” She replied, “Father of so-and-so (i.e. her husband) had two camels and he performed Hajj on one of them, and the second is used for the irrigation of our land.” The Prophet (saws) said (to her), “Perform ‘Umra in the month of Ramadan, as its (reward) is equivalent to having performed Hajj with me!”.

    Explore Islam’s 2 Main Holiest Mosques in Makkah and Madinah

    Quba Tours and Travel will arrange your spiritual journey and you will also have the opportunity to visit the holy mosques. Masjid e Haram is a prodigious spot for the entire Ummah of the messenger Muhammad (PBUH) and millions of Muslims visit it annually. The Holy Kaaba is also situated in this mosque and is the Qibla of Muslims.
    The second most divine mosque is Masjid e Nabvi, a shrine of the Last Messenger of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). This is located in Madinah which is famous due to the homeland of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). Whilst in Madina the pilgrims can explore many more sites to recall the era of messenger Muhammad (PBUH).

    Perform Umrah at Low Cost with Quba Tours and Travel

    Perform umrah at low cost with Quba Tours and Travel including flights, tickets, hotels and visa. Please do not hesitate to contact us for umrah packages , we work within your budgets. Quba Tours and Travel always takes great care of its customers. By booking with Quba Tours you will stay in 5-star and 4-star hotels nearby the Haram.

    Book Umrah with Experienced Staff

    Our experienced staff is always available to answer your calls and to provide a quality service. You can simply call or email us. we also provide the facilities for just umrah Visa if you happen to book your hotels and flights yourself. Our best December umrah packages are specially designed for the Muslim communities who are living in the UK. We provide best umrah rates for 5 star, 4 star, and 3-star packages. Quba Tours and Travel is also providing packages for Easter holidays. The Muslims who are living in UK have the opportunity to perform umrah in Easter with Quba Tours. We have designed Easter umrah packages for muslims to spend their easter holidays in Makkah and Madinah. If you want to book umrah in Easter then dial our direct number 03301200640 and speak to our agents any time.